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Information on Hoya Camera Filters and the different types of Hoya filters that are available, plus descriptions on the different coatings used on Hoya Camera filters.

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Hoya Filters One of the best Multi coated filters for digital cameras


Within three filter groups, GENERAL, COLORED, and SPECIAL EFFECT, HOYA offer a choice of grades with different coatings as follows:

Hoya standard filters offer both amateur and professional photographers HOYA's famous quality at reasonable prices. They have coatings applied to both surfaces to suppress reflection and increase light transmission. There are a few exceptions in the special effects range which, due to the special materials used in construction, do not have coatings applied.

Hoya HMC these popular filters are renowned for their ability to minimise reflection at the filter surfaces which reduces flare and ghosting. The result is an average light transmission of over 97%, giving sharp contrast and well balanced color. HOYA HMC camera filters are recommended for enhancing the performance of today's multicoated lenses.

Hoya Super HMC are outstanding camera filters offer revolutionary performance in light transmission and color balance. 12 layers of Super Multi-coating are applied to the surfaces of the Skylight 1B and UV(0) models, which produces an average transmission of 99.7%! Coupled with maximum surface precision, this allows increased resistance to flare and stunning images can be recorded at wide apertures without compromising the performance of your lenses. Our ultra thin Circular Polarizing filters have seven layers of Multi-coating applied to their rear surface to eliminate internal reflections and ghosting. Advanced thin selective film is used to guarantee perfectly polarized light with neutral color balance. Their slim profile of just 5mm avoids any vignetting problems and makes them ideal for use with wide angle lenses. There is no front female thread, but they do accept our push-on lens caps. HOYA Super HMC filters will appeal to the most demanding of photographers who require the ultimate in performance.

Hoya Ultra Filters series use our new ULTRA thin rings which, like the Super PL-CIR filter, are designed primarily to avoid vignetting problems which occur with wide angle lenses. The ULTRA series filters use rings just 3mm in thickness, except for the hybrid UV/Polarizer which has a 5mm rotating ring. HMC Multi-coating is applied to both sides of the filters and they are supplied with our push-on lens caps. The Ultra ND filters use new Multi-Layer Coating technology to produce a neutral transmission curve which gives perfect color balance. We have also introduced hybrid filters in the ULTRA series, these combine the effect of two filters in one (i.e.: PL-CIR and UV together). This means that HOYA ULTRA series camera filters are the ultimate choice for wide angle camera lenses - there is no other filter available to exceed the ULTRA specification.


As their names suggests, these filters use HOYA colored glass. They are used for color correction of different light sources when using color film, or for controlling contrast with Black & White film. Color correction filters are important as color films do not have the flexibility of the human eye to automatically adjust to different situations. Black & White films register colors as shades of grey and the rendition of each color in a scene is important, so filters can be used to control this. The color of the glass used in all these filters is carefully controlled and to reduce the possibility of color shift over a period of time, such high quality filters are coated or multicoated on both sides. This maintains the desired effect and gives a long service life.


HOYA filters makes it possible to add many different special effects to your pictures, such as starbursts, close-ups, softening and multi-images. It is simple to achieve outstanding creative or unusual results and take special photographs for memorable occasions such as weddings, birthdays and holidays.


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   camera filter pro 1 digital
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Hoya Pro 1 Digital Camera Filter series.

After comparing the new Digital Pro 1 series rings with the current Pro 1 filters rings the new almite coating on the rings is superb. The new rings also have a much easier to use knurling on the ring, the new ring makes the filter much easier to mount and adjust. The finish is an anti reflective black matte.  The new digital camera filter multi-coating is very impressive. I took a clear protector and placed it on a laser printed page. The area which is covered by the filter was easier to read than the non covered area. The letters appear to have more contrast, due to the decreased reflection and glare off the paper surface. Hoya did a great job on these filters; they far exceeded what I expected when the new line was announced.

Comparison Photo's of the Hoya Digital Pro 1 and the Hoya Super Pro 1 Camera Filters
Warning these are Large files.

Super Pro 1

Digital Pro 1

Side by Side

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