Cokin "A" Series Camera Filters

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Cokin P System and the Tiffen Glass Grad Camera Filters
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Information On Using a Cokin Holder
And the Tiffen Glass ND Graduated
Camera Filters

Cokin Camera Filters
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Cokin A Series
Cokin 89B IR Filter 720nm   Ref.007 Filters $49.13
Cokin  81A Warming Filter Ref. 026 $20.63
Cokin Gradual Blue B1  Ref.122 Filters $32.53
Cokin Gradual Blue B2   Ref.123Filters $32.53
Cokin Gradual Blue B2-Light   Ref.123LFilters $32.53
Cokin Gradual Blue B2-Soft   Ref.123S Filters $32.53
Cokin Gradual Blue B2-Full   Ref.123F Filters $32.53
Cokin Gradual Tobacco T1   Ref.124 Filters $32.53
Cokin Gradual Tobacco T2   Ref.125 Filters $32.53
Cokin Star 8   Ref.056 Filters $32.53
Cokin Star 4    Ref.057 Filters $32.53
Cokin Star 2   Ref.058 Filters $32.53
Cokin Close-Up +1   Ref.101 Filters $32.53
Cokin Close-Up +2   Ref.102 Filters $32.53
Cokin Close-Up +3   Ref.103 Filters $32.53
Cokin Circular Polarizer  Ref.164 Fits Holder and will rotate for adjusting $37.36
Cokin Gradual Neutral Grey G1   Ref.120 Filters $18.43
Cokin Gradual Neutral Grey G2 (ND8)   Ref.121 Filters $32.53
Cokin Gradual Neutral Grey G2-Light (ND2)   Ref.121L Filters $32.53
Cokin Gradual Neutral Grey G2-Medium (ND4)   Ref.121M $32.53
Cokin Gradual Neutral Grey G2-Soft (ND8)   Ref.121S $18.43
Cokin Gradual Neutral Grey G2-Full (ND8)   Ref.121F $32.53
Cokin Neutral Grey (ND2) P152 $22.07
Cokin Neutral Grey ( ND4) P153 $22.07
Cokin Neutral Grey (ND8) P154 $22.07
Cokin Sunset 1   Ref.197 Filters $32.53
Cokin Sunset 2   Ref.198 Filters $32.53
Wedding Filter 1 White   Ref.148 $20.58
Net Filter 1 Black   Ref.143 $20.58
Cokin Creative Filter Set   Ref.375 $33.65
Cokin Basic Filter Set   Ref.376 $20.89
Cokin Diffuser Light   Ref.820 $32.53
Cokin Diffuser 1   Ref.830 Filters $32.53
Cokin Diffuser 2   Ref.840 Filters $32.53
Cokin Diffuser 3   Ref.850 Filters $32.53
Cokin "A" Series Holders  
Cokin Holder only (no ring)   Ref.400 $9.05
Cokin Shoe Digital Holder   Ref.D700 $11.00
Cokin "A" Series Adaptor Rings  
Cokin Adaptor Ring 37mm   Ref.437 $15.92
 Cokin Adaptor Ring 39mm   Ref.439D $15.92
Cokin Adaptor Ring 40.5mm   Ref.440XD $15.92
Cokin Adaptor Ring 43mm   Ref.443 $15.92
Cokin Adaptor Ring 46mm   Ref.446 $15.92
Cokin Adaptor Ring 49 mm   Ref.449 $15.92
Cokin Adaptor Ring 52mm   Ref.452 $15.92
Cokin Adaptor Ring 55mm   Ref.455 $15.92
Cokin Adaptor Ring 58mm   Ref.458 $15.92
Cokin Adaptor Ring 62mm   Ref.462 $15.92
Cokin Protective Cap   Ref.252 $5.09
Cokin Adaptor Cap   Ref.253 $5.50
Cokin Modular Hood   Ref.255 $11.97
Cokin "A" Series Kits  
Cokin Portrait Kit 2  Ref.CG201  FH-035-142-674        Close out!
Soft Kit   Ref.240  FH-820-830-840 Close Out
Cokin ND Grad Kit Ref.CG250  FH-121L-121M-121S $79.40

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Cokin Filter Pouch
Holds up to 8 Square or Round Filters
$30.89 Order

Cokin Filters For Both Film and Digital Cameras

 Camera Lens FILTER SIZE: 49 52 55 58 62 67 72 77
Cokin Circular Polarizer $24.96 $25.36 $26.06 $30.08 $35.92 $40.16 $48.00 $52.22
Cokin Circular Polarizer-WA $44.96 $46.28 $46.28 $55.84 $55.84 $68.42 $79.50 $89.56
Cokin  UV Filter $8.06 $8.46 $8.76 $9.16 $9.86 $12.08 $12.58 $17.00


Cokin Extension Rings

  SIZE: 37 43 49 52 55 58 62 67
Cokin Extension Ring $5.95 $5.95 $5.95 $5.95 $5.95 $5.95 $5.95 $5.95


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