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hitech LogoFirecrest IRND 16 New from Formatt Hitech.
A High Density IRND for Long Exposure
The Firecrest IRND 16 filter was developed as a direct response to demands of the world’s top long-exposure photographers. This filter uses the new Firecrest IRND coating technology to produce a super-dark ND filter that is both very neutral and blocks infrared contamination. 16 stops is the most popular density for artists like Joel Tjintjelaar, who typically make exposures of five to eight minutes. This popular technique is the desired exposure time for creating cloud streaking and for removing ripples from water. Limited sizes currently available we will have more info posted soon.


Authorized USA dealer for Hitech Format Filters.

Lucroit_kitWide Angle Shooters. Lucroit 165mm Holders and Adapters In Stock. Want to use ND Grads On Your High End Wide Angle? We can Help.  Get a Lucroit Holder Adapter Ring and a set of three of the most used Grads for landscape photography.  Kit Contains all you need to shoot with the Pros. Here is what you get.

  • Lucroit Holder

  • Lens Adapter Ring

  • 165mm Soft Edge Grad 0.3

  • 165mm Soft Edge Grad 0.6

  • 165mm Soft Edge Grad 0.9

For Nikon 14-24mm  $759.11 Order

For Canon 14mm L II $848.89 Order

Save On Colby Brown Landscape Kits


Improve Your Landscapes

  • Tired of washed out sky's no detail in the shadows. Making multi exposures then spending hours in the front of a computer screen getting everything "right"
     Hitech Grads can help.
    Get all you need to get started for On Sale $36.00 Reg. $48.00
    85mm "P" size ND0.6 Soft Edge (2 stops)
    Hitech Plastic holder and a 77mm or 58mm Ring
    and a Micro fiber cloth to keep it clean.

  • 77mm Lens Filter Size 85x110 Grad Kit Click to Order

  • 58mm Lens Filter Size 85x110 Grad Kit Click to Order

    The extra length gives you more latitude in positioning the grad

Giottos Digital Camera LCD Screen and Window Protectors Schott Glass Multi Coated. The Multi Coated Glass camera LCD protectors are a vast improvement over the plastic protectors included with most Digital cameras. The multi coated glass protectors improve the visibility of your cameras LCD screen significantly.

Giotto's Pro II Ball heads and Quick Release System. Exceptional value in a professional ball head. The Quick Release System is Arca Swiss compatible.


We do not list every camera filter made by the manufacturers we sell. If you need a special camera filter, please give us a call toll free at 1-877-806-3594. We can order any filter that is supplied from the Manufacturers that we carry. By calling us we can give you a realistic date when to expect the item.  Although if you prefer you can contact us via e-mail.

If you have any question about your order or about camera filters in general please feel free to call. We are very friendly and a different type of company to deal with. We like to talk about photography in general, the latest camera or photo related equipment. We are happy to talk to someone with their first camera, seasoned pros or a purchasing agent for a company or institution. I believe that you will find it a refreshing and pleasant experience dealing with us. 


 Corners cut off vs. Light fall off. There still seems to be considerable confusion among new photographers regarding light fall off and having a blocking of the corners in their images. Light fall off is normal in wide angle lenses... it is a gradual darkening of the image as it extends from the center of the photo. (Example) The use of a center ND filter can help control light fall off, the down side is center ND filters are very expensive.

Corner cut off is the blocking of the corners of the image either from using an improper hood, stacking filters or a filter that is too thick for the lens. (Example) this image was the result of the hood being improperly installed on the 12-24mm Nikor.

Need a storage solution for your valuable media cards? Here's a great solution, from Gepe the Card Safe. Extreme

Larger Image

  • Holds four memory cards
  • Crushproof
  • Shock Resistant
  • Water Proof
  • Anti static holder
  • Viewing windows
  • To make a great product even better, it floats.
    $24.95 Order Black (Onyx) * Extreme
    $24.95 Order Ice Blue
    $24.95 Order Red *

     * Additional Discounts may apply on online orders

   Large Image
More Information

Giottos Rocket Air Blaster.

Excellent blower for removing dust from image sensors,
lenses and just about anything else that you can't reach or should avoid touching.

Keep the inside of your camera clean. When mounting lens on your SLR camera keep the body facing downward. This helps to prevent dust from settling on the inside of the camera.

Having problems cleaning your camera optics? Want something that works?
Following this link for more information


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We Are An Authorized USA Marumi Filter Dealer. The New Exus Filters Could be the best filters available. The Exus filters are the new Japanse Standard to Beat.

B+W Dealer
Authorized USA Dealer

77mm B+W XS-Pro Nano MRC ND Vario
Adjustable1 to 5 stop Reduction


Reverse  Grad

The reverse grad is a vital tool if you are looking to take sunrise or sunset shots. This is because the ND part of the grad is upside down, with the darker part at the middle of the filter and the lighter part at the top. This ensures the maximum light reduction when the sun is at or near the horizon. ND Reverse Grads are made in different densities according to the level of light reduction from 1 to 3 stops of light. Formatt-Hitech filters are made from the highest quality 1.5mm optical resin. The 67mm size is useable with the Formatt-Hitech 67mm holder system. The filter is also available in 85mm, 100mm, 150mm and 165mm sizes. Improve your sunsets for only $88.77 85mmx110mm Hitech Reverse Grad 77mm Adapter 85mm PFC plastic holder get all 3 for only $88.77 Order now









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